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Java Quick Start


Gwen Quick Start


Selenium based HTML5 (Ext JS 4) web browser automated testing in Java, from downloading the installer to executing your own test in 8 minutes. From downloading the installer to executing your own web browser tests against an HTML5 (Ext JS 4) web application in 5 minutes using Gwen.
  • Code Required
  • Test Creation Speed
  • Company Support
  • Built-in Chrome Support
  • Built-in IE Support
  • Built-in Safari Support
  • Built-in Firefox Support
  • Built-in HTML Unit Support
  • HTML Component Library
  • Ext JS Component Library
  • All in one install
Selenium (Java API)
  • -
  • -
HTML5 Robot (Java API)
  • 88% less code
  • 8x faster
HTML5 Robot (Gwen API)
  • 96% less code
  • 25x faster