com.appfoundation.automation The automation framework is a simplification for defining JUnit-Selenium based tests against HTML5 based web applications.
com.appfoundation.automation.framework.gwen The Gwen (Generic Web Exploration Narrative) language is a human-style language for defining HTML5 based browser interaction tests. Contains business logic related classes for processing, assembling, defining, and executing in the Gwen language. Contains classes used for exporting reports in various formats, such as HTML.
com.appfoundation.automation.framework.gwen.domain This package contains the object representations of the data entities within the Gwen domain.
com.appfoundation.automation.framework.gwen.domain.action This package contains the data entities for representing the different types of user defined Actions in a test definition.
com.appfoundation.automation.framework.gwen.domain.assembled Contains the entities that have been assembled.
com.appfoundation.automation.framework.gwen.domain.defined Contains the entities that have been defined.
com.appfoundation.automation.framework.gwen.domain.execute Contains the entities that can and/or have been executed.
com.appfoundation.automation.framework.gwen.domain.locator Contains entities associating with representing XPath locations using object notation.
com.appfoundation.automation.framework.gwen.domain.sentence Contains the entities that have been assembled into a Sentence.
com.appfoundation.automation.framework.gwen.exception Contains the different types of exceptions that can be thrown during processing, assembly, definition, and execution.
com.appfoundation.automation.util Contains general utility classes for working within the automation framework.