Some quick notes about running HTML5 Robot examples

  • Ext JS 4 and HTML examples require that you provide your own Ext JS 4 SDK and run locally for licensing reasons
  • Ext JS 5 and Sencha Touch 2 examples run against online applications, so you can run them out-of-the-box


Installing HTML5 Robot requires Java 5 or later, and currently Windows is the only supported platform.

  • Technically this will run on OS X and/or Linux, but you would need to download your own drivers for IE and Chrome and change the test configuration
  • OS X and Linux support are in the works


A copy of the license is available here, which can be summarized with the following statements:

  • You can use this product for non-commercial purposes for free.
  • You can commercially try out this product for up to 30 days before you are required to purchase a license.
  • The creator(s) of this software do not make claim to the derivative software created by its usage, meaning that if you use HTML5 Robot to test Application X we don’t have any claim to Application X.
  • Support for this software must be purchased separately.

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