HTML5 Robot also provides its own human-style language for interacting with the browser. The language is called Gwen, which stands for Generic Web Exploration Narrative.

The intention is to provide an easy to read and write language for defining browser tests, using common ways of locating HTML and HTML 5 components, and a common set of actions for interacting with those components. All off this is made even easier by providing an integrated development environment that checks for errors as you type, and lets you launch any test at any time:


The basic format is to specify an action to take and the component that is a part of the action along with any needed user input.

For example:

click button by text “Click Me”

The result is that the button with the text “Click Me” is clicked.

In this example click is an action, while button by text “Click Me” is what is called a locator expression.

Whenever a Gwen test is executed, a corresponding HTML Report is generated which shows the result every action with optional screenshots. Example Gwen reports can be seen at the following locations:

What next?

See Getting Started

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