Frequent question: How do I set just the bottom border in CSS?

How do you put just the bottom border in CSS?

  1. Set a style for the bottom border: div {border-bottom-style: dotted;}
  2. A dashed bottom border: div {border-bottom-style: dashed;}
  3. A solid bottom border: div {border-bottom-style: solid;}
  4. A double bottom border: …
  5. Remove the bottom border: …
  6. A groove bottom border: …
  7. A ridge bottom border: …
  8. An inset bottom border:

How do I put the top and bottom border only in CSS?

border-top: 5px solid green; border-bottom: 5px solid green; You should put this style directly on the <h3> rather than wrapping a div around it. You can use the following in your css or style tag …. Using the border-width selector you can define the various border thickness.

How do you set the bottom length of a border?


  1. Create background image(s) with linear-gradient() .
  2. Use background-size to adjust the width / height of above created image(s) so that it looks like a border.
  3. Use background-position to adjust position (like left , right , left bottom etc.) of the above created border(s).
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How do you give padding to the bottom of a border?

In general the margin is from the content which in this case is your text. You have to use box sizing property to set the margin from you border. In your case, where you have no borders left and right, you can simply adjust the line-height. You can use text-indent .

How do you add right border in CSS?

  1. Set a style for the right border: div {border-right-style: dotted;}
  2. A dashed right border: div {border-right-style: dashed;}
  3. A solid right border: div {border-right-style: solid;}
  4. A double right border: …
  5. Remove the right border: …
  6. A groove right border: …
  7. A ridge right border: …
  8. An inset right border:

How do I put a border around my header in CSS?

And then type the properties of border attribute into the id selector.

  1. <Head>
  2. <Title>
  3. Add the border using internal CSS.
  4. </Title>
  5. <style type = “text/css”>
  6. h1 {
  7. border-color: blue;
  8. border-width: .25em;

How do you color border in CSS?

The border-color property is used to set the color of the four borders. The color can be set by: name – specify a color name, like “red” HEX – specify a HEX value, like “#ff0000”

What is Bordertop?

The CSS border-top property defines the width, line style, and color of the top border of a box. It is a shorthand property for setting the border-top-width, border-top-style, and border-top-color CSS properties.

How do you set the height of a border?

You can set height to inherit for the height of the table or calc(inherit – 2px) for a 2px smaller border. Remember, inherit has no effect when the table height isn’t set. Use height: 50% for half a border.

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How do you cut border in CSS?

Style the cut corner with the ::before pseudo-element and use the content property required while using the :: before pseudo-element to generate and insert content. Set the position to “absolute” and add the top and right, border-top and border-right properties.

How do you set margins in CSS?

To shorten the code, it is possible to specify all the margin properties in one property. The margin property is a shorthand property for the following individual margin properties: margin-top.

margin: 25px 50px 75px 100px;

  1. top margin is 25px.
  2. right margin is 50px.
  3. bottom margin is 75px.
  4. left margin is 100px.

What is padding in CSS?

An element’s padding area is the space between its content and its border. Note: Padding creates extra space within an element. In contrast, margin creates extra space around an element.

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