How do you put an image in a bullet in CSS?

How do I put an image in a bullet in CSS?

CSS: ul custom bullet style with image

  1. list-style – defines all properties for UL list (each listed below)
  2. list-style-position – defines position of bullet (marker) – inside or outside the list.
  3. list-style-type – defines if we want to use circle, square etc…
  4. list-style-image – that’s what interest us now…

How do you style bullets in CSS?

The list-style-position property specifies the position of the list-item markers (bullet points). “list-style-position: outside;” means that the bullet points will be outside the list item. The start of each line of a list item will be aligned vertically.

How do I change the bullet image in HTML?

Replacing List Bullets with Images Using CSS

  1. This is what a standard bulleted list looks like on a web page: …
  2. <ul> …
  3. ul { …
  4. ul.lower_greek { …
  5. <ul class=”lower_greek”> …
  6. Now, to change the bullet to an image, you can add an attribute called list-style-image to your CSS definition. …
  7. ul.leaf { …
  8. <ul class=”leaf”>
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How do you insert an image into CSS?

To add images to a page, we use the <img> inline element. The <img> element is a self-containing, or empty, element, which means that it doesn’t wrap any other content and it exists as a single tag. For the <img> element to work, a src attribute and value must be included to specify the source of the image.

How do I put an image in HTML?

Chapter Summary

  1. Use the HTML <img> element to define an image.
  2. Use the HTML src attribute to define the URL of the image.
  3. Use the HTML alt attribute to define an alternate text for an image, if it cannot be displayed.

How do you insert a bullet in HTML?

To create a bulleted list, use the unordered list tags <ul></ul> and list item <li></li> tags as shown in the example below.

What is the HTML code for a bullet point?

Free JavaScript Book!

Character name html code
• Circular Bullet Point & #8226; or & bull;
… Horizontal ellipsis & #8230; or & hellip;
— Em dash & #8212; or & mdash;
€ Euro symbol & #8364; or & euro;

How do I get rid of bullets in CSS?

Making CSS Remove Bullets

It is possible to remove bullets from ul lists by setting the CSS list-style-type property to none . As a result, the bullets disappear from the list. Note: to get rid of the automatic indentation, you can also set margin and padding to 0.

How do you list things in HTML?

  1. Unordered HTML List. An unordered list starts with the <ul> tag. Each list item starts with the <li> tag. …
  2. Ordered HTML List. An ordered list starts with the <ol> tag. Each list item starts with the <li> tag. …
  3. HTML Description Lists. HTML also supports description lists.
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How do I change the color of a bullet in CSS?

However, if you do change the markup, one solution is to wrap the text of each list item in an extra element, e.g., a SPAN. If the list item looks like this: <li><span>First item</span></li> then you can make the bullet red and the text black with `li {color: red}’ and `li span {color: black}’.

How do I change the bullets on a picture?

Highlight the bulleted list for which you want to change the bullets to pictures. Click the down arrow on the “Bullets” button in the “Paragraph” section of the “Home” tab and select “Define New Bullet” from the drop-down menu. On the “Define New Bullet” dialog box, click “Picture”.

How do I change the order of unordered bullets?

Just as you can change the numbering style for an ordered list, you can change the default bullet style for an unordered list with the type attribute.

How do I insert an image?

Insert a picture in Word, PowerPoint, or Excel

  1. Click the location in your document where you want to insert a picture.
  2. On the Insert tab, click Pictures.
  3. Select the option you want to use for inserting pictures.

How do you move an image to the right in CSS?

add something like this to the . smaller-image class. margin-right:0; margin-left: auto; display:block; An even better solution would probably be using floats or flexboxes, but those might be too complex for a basic page.

How do you add a picture to a classroom?

How to Apply Classes to Images

  1. Upload the image, add an alt tag, and insert your image into the Body field.
  2. Click Edit HTML above the Body field.
  3. In the HTML Editor, locate the image source code. …
  4. Delete the width and height attributes from the image.
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