Question: What is DIR CSS?

The :dir() pseudo-class in CSS allows elements to be selected based on the direction of the language, as determined in the HTML markup. There are really only two directions language can flow in a document, which are left-to-right and right-to-left.

What is DIR attribute in HTML?

The dir attribute is used to set the base direction of text for display. It is essential for enabling HTML in right-to-left scripts such as Arabic, Hebrew, Syriac, and Thaana.

What is RTL CSS?

The direction CSS property sets the direction of text, table columns, and horizontal overflow. Use rtl for languages written from right to left (like Hebrew or Arabic), and ltr for those written from left to right (like English and most other languages).

What does DIR LTR mean?


The default value of the dir attribute is “ltr” (left-to-right text).

What can the direction CSS property be useful for?

The direction property in CSS sets the direction of of content flow within a block-level element. This applies to text, inline, and inline-block elements. It also sets the default alignment of text and the direction that table cells flow within a table row.

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What is BDO tag in HTML?

BDO stands for Bi-Directional Override. The <bdo> tag is used to override the current text direction.

What is div in HTML?

The <div> tag defines a division or a section in an HTML document. The <div> tag is used as a container for HTML elements – which is then styled with CSS or manipulated with JavaScript. The <div> tag is easily styled by using the class or id attribute. Any sort of content can be put inside the <div> tag!

What is use of CSS box model?

CSS box model is a container which contains multiple properties including borders, margin, padding and the content itself. It is used to create the design and layout of web pages. It can be used as a toolkit for customizing the layout of different elements.

Which is the correct CSS syntax?

The selector points to the HTML element you want to style. The declaration block contains one or more declarations separated by semicolons. Each declaration includes a CSS property name and a value, separated by a colon.

What is RTL in VLSI?

In digital circuit design, register-transfer level (RTL) is a design abstraction which models a synchronous digital circuit in terms of the flow of digital signals (data) between hardware registers, and the logical operations performed on those signals.

What is Lang en in HTML?

The HTML lang attribute is used to identify the language of text content on the web. … The lang attribute takes an ISO language code as its value. Typically this is a two letter code such as “en” for English, but it can also be an extended code such as “en-gb” for British English.

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What is HTML Lang en Dir LTR?

1. dir attribute of HTML sets the direction of the text within an element in HTML document. 2. The value of the dir attribute is either ltr (i.e. left to right) or rtl (i.e. right to left).

What is an optional tag?

Basically, that’s the idea of optional HTML tags: you don’t have to write an HTML tag if you can easily infer it from the context. For instance, there’s no point in writing the <html> tag. … Similarly, there’s no point in wrapping the <head> tag around the <title> tag, and the <body> around the <for> or <p> tag.

How do I start text from right in CSS?


  1. left – The default value. …
  2. right – Content aligns along the right side.
  3. center – Content centers between the left and right edges. …
  4. justify – Content spaces out such that as many blocks fit onto one line as possible and the first word on that line is along the left edge and the last word is along the right edge.

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Can we define text direction via CSS?

Yes, CSS direction property is used in conjunction with the unicode-bidi property to specify which direction the text should run (i.e. from left to right or right to left).

Which CSS property is used to change the font?

Answer: The font-family property is used to change the face of a font. The font-style property is used to make a font italic or oblique.

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