Quick Answer: Is CSS British history scored?

British History has been an invariably good scoring subject in CSS. This subject has the distinction of being the top choice of those achieving higher merits.

Which CSS subjects are high scored?

Accounting and Auditing, Business Administration and Regional Languages are generally considered among the high scoring subjects.

What are the scoring subjects in CSS?


Code No. Subjects Marks
1. English Essay 100
2. English (Precis and Composition) 100
3. General Science & Ability 100
4. Current Affairs 100

Is international law a scoring subject in CSS?

Moreover, when it comes to CSS, it is one of the subjects which consistently yield good scores. Actually, it’s the beauty of International Law that it always awards high marks, if candidates put sincere efforts and work hard.

Is environmental science a scoring subject in CSS?

That is the reason why science subjects such as: Geography, Physics, Business Administration and Environmental Sciences are more scoring than Public Administration, journalism and Sociology. Absolute and to the point answers leave no room for irrelevancy and examiner gives more marks to the students.

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What is CSS salary?

The successful candidates are directly appointed as 17th scale officers and the monthly salary for the beginners is around 30,000 rupees which increases gradually. The salary increases after CTP.

Is CSS exam difficult?

It is very easy to qualify CSS exam, provided that you make preparation in proper lines. Most of the students do not qualify CSS exam despite their hard work because they do not make preparation in proper line. … Preparation for each Paper: CSS exam has 12 papers including 6 compulsory and 6 optional papers.

Which field is best for CSS?

According to my knowledge the best fields after FSC for cracking CSS are International relations, Governance, Public administration and Public policy. Also a BS in History can help.

Is Law Good for CSS?

Law is an Excellent field. As of CSS point of view Law graduates have more chances than others to pass css exam. Because there are 600 marks for Compulsory subjects and 600 marks for optional/elective subjects. Law subjects in css give very good marks.

Which CSS optional subject is best?

|CSS Exams|Five Best “Optional Subjects Selection” Combinations For CSS Aspirants | Part-1|

  • Political science or International Relations = 200 each.
  • Governance and Public Policies or Public Administration = 100 each.
  • Islamic history and culture = 100.
  • Gender studies = 100.
  • International Law = 100.

20 апр. 2016 г.

Is computer science good for CSS?

yes Computer Science a wise choice for a CS graduate. I too opted for computer science in CE-2018 and scored 94 by just studying one night before examination and I would have been better if I studied it completely. You can score 150+ in that subject but the condition is you are CS graduate.

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Is Psychology a scoring subject in CSS?

Is psychology a good and scoring subject? Psychology is a science and generally, science subjects fetch more marks simply, because science is fact based. A correct answer assures maximum marks. Thus, the candidates who prepare for this subject well are expected to score high.

Is Punjabi scored CSS?

Punjabi is one of the very few subjects that have never disappointed the CSS aspirants. An average student with an average preparation could score 55 to 65 marks while those having a strong grip over it could easily get more than 75 marks. And, securing high marks is still possible.

What is CSS officer in Pakistan?

The Central Superior Services (CSS; or Bureaucracy) is a permanent elite bureaucratic authority, and the civil service that is responsible for running the civilian bureaucratic operations and government secretariats and directorates of the Cabinet of Pakistan.

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