Quick Answer: What is webkit box shadow in CSS?

What is webkit box shadow?

WebKit now supports the CSS3 box-shadow property (as -webkit-box-shadow). This property allows you to specify a shadow effect that will be applied to the border box of an object. The syntax of the shadow is identical to text-shadow. … Here’s an example of a table cell grid that has shadows on all the cells.

What is Webkit box in CSS?

The -webkit-box-reflect CSS property lets you reflect the content of an element in one specific direction. … To achieve reflection on the Web, the standard way is to use the CSS element() function.

What is box shadow in CSS?

The box-shadow CSS property adds shadow effects around an element’s frame. You can set multiple effects separated by commas. A box shadow is described by X and Y offsets relative to the element, blur and spread radius, and color.

How do I shadow a box in CSS?

CSS Syntax

box-shadow: none|h-offset v-offset blur spread color |inset|initial|inherit; Note: To attach more than one shadow to an element, add a comma-separated list of shadows (see “Try it Yourself” example below).

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How do I get rid of box shadow on top?

Place a second div, width 100% and its background the same color as the main div, then position it to cover over the box-shadow, like so. background-color: your background color? width:100%; position:absolute; height 15px; left 0; top -10px; You may need to tweek the height to patch over the box shadow.

Can we apply transform property to box shadow?

Pop-Up Effect

Using transforms on the box-shadow (& transform ) property, we can create the illusion of an element moving closer or further away from the user.

What is the use of box-sizing in CSS?

The box-sizing property allows us to include the padding and border in an element’s total width and height. If you set box-sizing: border-box; on an element, padding and border are included in the width and height: Both divs are the same size now!

Is box-sizing inherited?

One potential gripe with it is that box-sizing isn’t normally inherited, so it’s specialized behavior, not quite the same as something you’d normally put in a reset.

What is WebKit used for?

WebKit is a layout engine designed to allow web browsers to render web pages. The WebKit engine provides a set of classes to display web content in windows, and implements browser features such as following links when clicked by the user, managing a back-forward list, and managing a history of pages recently visited.

How do you put box shadow only on the bottom?

  1. box-shadow: 0px -15px 10px -15px #111; } &.bottom {
  2. box-shadow: 0px 15px 10px -15px #111; } &.left {
  3. box-shadow: -15px 0px 10px -15px #111; } &.right {
  4. box-shadow: 15px 0px 10px -15px #111; } }
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How do you put box shadow only on top?

The simple answer is that you can’t. box-shadow applies to the whole element only. You could use a different approach and use ::before in CSS to insert an 1-pixel high element into header nav and set the box-shadow on that instead.

What are the four rules for a CSS box shadow?

CSS3 Box Shadow Syntax Breakdown

  • The Full Syntax. …
  • Value 1: Color. …
  • Value 2: Horizontal Offset. …
  • Value 3: Vertical Offset. …
  • Value 4: Blur Radius (optional) …
  • Value 5: Spread Distance (optional) …
  • Value 6: Inset (optional) …
  • Multiple Shadows.

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How do I blur a border in CSS?

If you want to blur an image to the edges and if you have one single background-color then you could use the box-shadow with inset to archive your desired behavior: box-shadow: inset 0px 0px 40px 40px #DBA632; where #DBA632 is your background-color.

How do I round corners in CSS?

CSS Rounded Corners

  1. Tip: This property allows you to add rounded corners to elements! …
  2. Four values – border-radius: 15px 50px 30px 5px; (first value applies to top-left corner, second value applies to top-right corner, third value applies to bottom-right corner, and fourth value applies to bottom-left corner):

Does the box-shadow support all browsers?

The box-shadow property of CSS 3 is supported by recent versions of Chrome, Firefox and by Internet Explorer 9.

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