What is SCSS in post office?

Senior Citizen Savings Scheme (SCSS) is a government-sponsored savings instrument for individuals above the age of 60. … Individuals can apply for SCSS through post offices as well as public & private banks.

What is SCSS scheme in post office?

The Senior Citizens Savings Scheme (SCSS) is primarily for the senior citizens of India. The scheme offers a regular stream of income with the highest of safety and tax saving benefits. It is an apt choice of investment for those over 60 years of age.

What is the current interest rate of SCSS?

SCSS Overview

Maximum Investment ₹ 15 Lakh
Tenure Fixed 5 years with an extension of 3 years
Tax Benefits Under Sec 80 C, tax deduction upto ₹ 1.50 Lakh on the principal amount
Interest Rate 7.4% p.a

What is senior citizen saving scheme in post office?

Senior citizens expect to secure their lives post-retirement. They expect their investment to provide a regular income. Bank fixed deposits (FDs) and Senior Citizen Savings Scheme (SCSS) are excellent investment options for them keeping in view the long-term factor offering security with other additional benefits.

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Is SCSS tax free?

Taxability on Senior Citizens Savings Scheme

Interest on SCSS is fully taxable. In case the interest amount earned is more than Rs. 50,000 for a fiscal, Tax Deducted at Source (TDS) is applicable to the interest earned.

Is SCSS or Pmvvy better?

For PMVVY investors, no tax benefits are eligible. But tax benefit under Section 80C is available for the contribution made to SCSS. Interest income earned from both PMVVY and SCSS is fully taxable according to the tax slabs of the senior citizen and under the category of ‘Income from Other Sources’.

Can 15H be submitted in SCSS?

I have also FDRs of Rs 10L and bank will deduct TDS on this.My tax liabilities are met out on SCSS deductions itself then can I submit my 15 H with my bank or not ? thanking you. Interest on bank fixed deposit is taxable income. By giving a Form 15H, it does not become exempt.

Which bank is best for SCSS?

List of Banks which Offer SCSS Accounts

  • United Bank of India.
  • Corporation Bank.
  • Canara Bank.
  • Dena Bank.
  • Syndicate Bank.
  • Central Bank of India.
  • UCO Bank.
  • Union Bank of India.

Can SCSS be closed prematurely?

Is premature withdrawal of the deposits from the accounts under the SCSS, 2004 permitted? Yes, premature withdrawals are allowed, although a premature closure of the savings account is permitted only after a year, whereby the account holder will be charged 1.5% of the savings and 1% after two years.

Can husband and wife both invest in SCSS?

Ans: Yes, one can open a joint SCSS account with his/her spouse only and the maximum amount that can be invested in it is Rs. 15lakhs only.

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Which scheme is best in Post Office 2020?


Small Savings Scheme Interest Rate Interest Taxable
Post Office Time Deposit (5 year)* 7.7% Yes
Kisan Vikas Patra (KVP) 7.6% Yes
Public Provident Fund (PPF) 7.9% No
Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana 8.4% No

What is the interest of 1 lakh in post office?

India Post Office FDs have tenures ranging from 3 years 1 day to 5 years with maximum rate of interest of 6.70%.

India Post Office Fixed Deposit Calculator 2021.

Tenure Rates Maturity Amount for ₹ 1 Lakh
3 years 1 day to 5 years 6.70% to 6.70% ₹ 1,22,081 – ₹ 1,39,407

Which scheme is best in post office?

Post Office Savings Schemes: Top 5 saving instruments offered by India Post, you must know

  • 1/5. Public Provident Fund (PPF) …
  • 2/5. Senior Citizen Savings Scheme (SCSS) …
  • 3/5. Kisan Vikas Patra (KVP) …
  • 4/5. Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana (SSY) …
  • 5/5. National Savings Certificate (NSC)

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How safe is SCSS?

SCSS is one of the most secure investment options for senior citizens. As the Government backs the scheme, the security it offers is very good. … The amount invested in the SCSS account is eligible for a tax deduction. One can claim a maximum of up to INR 1,50,000 under Section 80C of the Income Tax Act.

What is the benefit of SCSS?

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Can I open SCSS account in HDFC Bank?

With HDFC Bank InstaAccount open a Savings Account instantly in a few simple steps. It comes pre-enabled with HDFC Bank NetBanking & MobileBanking and you can enjoy Cardless Cash withdrawals.

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