Which is better CSS or PMS?

Is PMS easier than CSS?

MA: There is no big difference between PMS and CSS. … It’s a myth that PMS is easier than CSS. In reality, PMS is equally challenging as CSS. The General Knowledge paper in PMS is much tougher than those in CSS.

What is better CSS or PMS?

In PMS, your limit is your province and getting settled in any part of your own province is not as much painstaking job. Both these examinations are equally good. … PMS is conducted by provincial Public Service Commissions (PPSC, KPSC, SPSC, BPSC) while CSS is conducted by Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC).

When should you apply for PMS?

PMS Exam 2020

2020. Last date to apply is 13th April 2020. The examination will be held at Lahore, Rawalpindi, Multan, Bahawalpur, DG Khan, Faisalabad and Sargodha.

What is PMS exams in Pakistan?

PMS stands for Provincial Management Service. PMS is a competitive exam, and the provincial government of Pakistan conducts it through PPSC, SPSC, BPSC, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa KPSC, Azad Jammu & Kashmir Public Service Commission.

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What is the age limit for PMS?

They said the age limit for the PMS examination was 30 years for the candidates belonging to settled areas and 32 years for the government employees and for the candidates of the backward areas as notified by the Provincial Government.

What jobs are offered after CSS?

Jobs and Posts you can get after passing CSS Exam.

Office management and secretariat group:

Number of post Scale division
Secretary federal. BS-17
Cadre of OMG. BS-18
Senior joint secretary. BS-19
Deputy secretary. BS-20

Which field is best for CSS?

According to my knowledge the best fields after FSC for cracking CSS are International relations, Governance, Public administration and Public policy. Also a BS in History can help.

How can I pass my CSS exam in first attempt?

Just 3 to 4 months of preparation will be enough. Your first attempt should be aimed to pass to CE, most of the people just try to test themselves and they appear in the exam without any preparation. Avoid those people who discourage you. Daily to 4 to 5hours of study will be enough.

How much time is enough for CSS preparation?

5-6 months time is considered a good period of time for preparation of CSS Exam. Even though there are few exceptions that succeeded in getting through the CSS Exam in three months preparation. Sheer hard work has no substitute but well directed hard work is required.

What is CSS salary?

The successful candidates are directly appointed as 17th scale officers and the monthly salary for the beginners is around 30,000 rupees which increases gradually. The salary increases after CTP.

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How many papers are there in PMS?

There are two kinds of papers in PMS i.e compulsory and elective papers. Candidates have to appear in all the following compulsory papers. All the compulsory subjects carries one hundred marks each. There are 30 elective/optional subjects in PMS which have been divided into 7 groups.

What is PCS eligibility?

PCS Exam Educational Qualification

Holding a Bachelor’s degree from an acknowledged university or any comparable qualification degree is the standard educational qualification required for PSC candidates. However, specific qualifications are mandatory if applying for certain specific posts of PCS officers.

What is the salary of CSS officer in Pakistan?

Furthermore, once their training is completed, a CSS Officer is posted in BS-17 either in the field or in the headquarters. The average starting salary of a CSS officer currently is around Rs30,000 these days.

How can I get DCO in Pakistan?

As per eligibility criteria, there are three ways an aspirant can win to be an Assistant Commissioner in Pakistan:

  1. Pass out CSS Exam. …
  2. Pass out PMS Exam Or.
  3. Ministerial staff of Civil Secretariat has share for promotion as PMS Officer (Scale-17); this make them also eligible for posting as Assistant Commissioner.

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How do I use CSS 2020?

How to apply for CSS Exam

  1. Deposit the exam fee in the nearest Govt. …
  2. Fill in the ‘Online Application Form’ on the official website of FPSC. …
  3. Dispatch the hard-copy of the online form along with copies of your documents and bank-receipt to the FPSC headquarter, Islamabad.
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