How do you add country code to phone number in HTML?

How do you enter a phone number with a country code?

Say for example your phone number is 0412 345 678. To write in international format, remove the 0 from the beginning and add a +61, turning it into +61 412 345 678. This works for all mobile and landline numbers.

How do you add a country code in HTML?


  1. <p>Select element containing all counties and country codes</p>
  2. <!– …
  3. <select name=”countryCode” id=””>
  4. <option data-countryCode=”GB” value=”44″ Selected>Norway (+47)</option>
  5. <option data-countryCode=”US” value=”1″>UK (+44)</option>
  6. <optgroup label=”Other countries”>

How do I write my phone number in HTML code?

The <input type=”tel”> defines a field for entering a telephone number. Note: Browsers that do not support “tel” fall back to being a standard “text” input.

Do you need area code for mobiles?

The +61 is the country code for Australia. In Australia we don’t specifically have area codes for mobile phones but in effect it will be the 4 after you drop off the first 0 in the phone number, just like in a landline number. So an Australian mobile number in international format would be +61 4 xxxxxxxx.

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How do I write my phone number in international format?

A phone number in full international format includes a plus sign (+) followed by the country code, city code, and local phone number.

How do you add options in HTML?

HTML <select> Tag

  1. HTML <select> tag is used to create drop down list of options, which appears when the user clicks on form element, and it allows to choose one of the options.
  2. The <option> tag is used to define the possible options to choose from. …
  3. The first option from the list of options is selected by default.

How can I get country code in PHP?

The geoip_country_code_by_name() is an inbuilt function in PHP which helps to generate the two-letter country code (Each country is assigned a two-letter country code. For Example: US for United States). The function takes the hostname or IP Address as an argument and generates the two letter country code.

Highlight the phone number or text you want to make clickable on phones. Click the “Hyperlink” button. Enter tel: followed by your phone number with no dashes. Apply the link.

How do I verify a phone number?

Mobile Number validation criteria:

  1. The first digit should contain number between 7 to 9.
  2. The rest 9 digit can contain any number between 0 to 9.
  3. The mobile number can have 11 digits also by including 0 at the starting.
  4. The mobile number can be of 12 digits also by including 91 at the starting.

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How do I restrict a mobile number in HTML?

The HTML <input> tag is used to get user input in HTML. To give a limit to the input field, use the min and max attributes, which is to specify a maximum and minimum value for an input field respectively. To limit the number of characters, use the maxlength attribute.

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What is mobile phone area code?

Canada Area Codes

The original 9 area codes of Canada include 204, 306, 403, 416, 418, 514, 604, 613, and 902. … Area code 867 is the area code for northern Canada including the Yukon, Nunavut, and Northwest territories. Area code 902 serves Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island.

What is the correct format for a mobile number?

Information. You should provide the complete number, including the country code with no use of special characters or spaces. Just the number. For example, a phone number like +1-555-555-1212 should be formatted as 15555551212 .

What is my area code?

These included Area Code 204 – Manitoba, Area Code 306 – Saskatchewan, Area Code 403 – Alberta, Area Code 416 – Ontario, Area Code 418 – Quebec, Area Code 514 – Quebec, Area Code 604 – British Columbia, Area Code 613 – Ontario, Area Code 902 – Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick.

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